Boxing Edinburgh

Scotland’s exciting new boxing gym. A boxing gym equipped to the hilt!

Boxing Edinburgh

Scotland’s exciting new boxing gym. A boxing gym equipped to the hilt!


Its founders, John, and Lily, having taught and trained hundreds of Londoners the skills and enjoyment of boxing, have decided to return to John’s homeland and bring a new wave of boxing with them.

The couple are aiming to see all of Edinburgh throwing punches!

Always wanted to learn how to box?

Port O’ Leith Boxing Club offers courses for everyone, including 4week Boxing Basics Courses for total beginners where boxing skills such as effective footwork, head movement and ring craft are introduced. Being able to punch is a great skill to have – but being able to dodge a punch is even better!

When do our classes run?

The timetable is packed with boxing, and fitness classes running throughout the day, catering for all abilities, from beginners to experienced boxers keen to improve their sparring techniques.

Classes are organised for early morning risers, lunchtime lovers and for those who enjoy evening and weekend sessions. Daytime classes are perfect for shift workers, lunchtime boxers, new ‘parents’, and their little ones – (free childcare is available on Mondays and Wednesdays at 12pm)

There is never an excuse not to train!

Do you want to increase your fitness too?

Having a perfect jab or a beautiful left hook is a great talent – but being so outrageously fit that you can throw hundreds of them is even more rewarding.

Port O’ Leith Boxing Club has top of the range equipment that is used in our classes, or you can use them on your own! This includes a conditioning track; prowler; suspension trainers; slam balls; slam wall; sled; tyre; climbing rope; battle ropes; gym hoops; ab rollers; step boxes; resistance bands; sprint bands; weight racks; resistance machines; cable machine; free weights; kettlebells; air bike; concept rower; curve running machine; ski urg and much more!

Do you want to spar or compete?

Fighting and sparring are certainly not obligatory – although very much available. John’s and Lily’s commitment to boxing is about challenge, camaraderie, progress, and fun.

However, for those who want the challenge of climbing through the ropes into the ring, the 10week Fight Camp offers an experience like no other!
For the seasonal semi-pro fighters who train hard enough, there will be the opportunity to compete in Scotland’s new fighting league!

And how do I unwind?

Relaxing and unwinding are fundamental to an enjoyable experience. The clean fresh changing facilities, and a drink of coffee or a smoothie all enhance the training sessions at Port O’ Leith Boxing Gym.

Watch out for boxing socials – and a pop-up bar too!

Moved to Edinburgh not so long ago and jumped into a few boxing clubs across the City – this is the best gym by a distance.

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But what really separates this place from other gyms in general is the community – everyone is here to learn and this comes through in the everyday ethos. Really good place to be for a proper workout

Therapy Room

James Beavis


Nutrition Seminar

Nutrition Seminar with Katriona Allen, Sunday 16th May at 10pm

Female Sparring Day

12th May 12pm start Open to all females who are comfortable in a 2minute open spar. Contact


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