Skills. Footwork. Pad Work. Bag Work. Sparring. Fitness. Conditioning. Strength. Power. Yoga

Adult Boxing


Skills. Footwork. Pad Work. Bag Work. Sparring. Fitness. Conditioning. Strength. Power. Yoga

Adult Boxing


To ensure that all our boxing classes are progressive and dynamic, membership to Port O’ Leith Boxing Club is available to anyone who has previous boxing experience or has completed our Boxing Basics Course.

How do classes run?

Classes have a maximum of 16 people, paired according to size and ability. These small classes enable each coach to identify personal strengths and areas for improvement very quickly and so support the development of every member individually and effectively.

Do we offer women’s boxing?

John and Lily are strong advocates for women’s boxing and have supported and trained many female boxers. They are proactive in the movement to make boxing accessible to everyone – from the professional game to the public. The gym is a safe space for women, giving ample opportunities to achieve boxing and fitness goals. You’ll find Postnatal Punchers courses for new mums, and the Hot Flushes, Sharp Punches for women with peri and menopausal symptoms. Lily, herself, is an experienced boxing coach, fighter, personal trainer, and prenatal and postnatal qualified instructor. She is also a mum herself.

When do classes run?

Classes are available early morning for the pre-work crowd; midday for workers keen to spend lunchtimes in the gym, and every evening and weekend.

Fight Camp classes run for experienced members. For those who train hard and have a desire to compete regularly, title shots will be available.

What does the Membership include?

  • Boxing Skills Classes
  • Boxing Blitz Classes (bag fitness)
  • Beginners and advanced sparring classes
  • Strength & Power Classes (non-boxing)
  • Boxing Conditioning Classes (non-boxing)
  • Yoga for Boxing
  • Open access to the gym
  • Changing facilities including showers
  • Free childcare Tuesdays and Thursdays @ 12pm
  • Use of the bike racks

What equipment do we have in the gym?

Large boxing ring; 16 bags; conditioning track; prowler; suspension trainers; slam balls; slam wall; sled; tyre; climbing rope; battle ropes; gym hoops; ab rollers; step boxes; resistance bands; sprint bands; weight racks; resistance machines; cable machine; free weights; kettlebells; air bike; concept rower; curve running machine; ski urg and much more!


£70 Per Month / £780 Per Year

Port O' Leith Boxing Club

Awesome gym in a great location, coaches and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and the classes are fun, dynamic and have helped me push my limits, improve my fitness and become more disciplined. A great place for beginners and more seasoned boxers alike.

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