Boxing Classes

Port O’ Leith Boxing has a range of boxing classes to improve your skills and increase your boxing, sparring, strength and fitness.


Boxing Classes

Port O’ Leith Boxing has a range of boxing classes to improve your skills and increase your boxing, sparring, strength and fitness.



Classes are only available to Members who have boxing experience. For those without experience, we run the Boxing Basics Course which is open to everyone. By knowing people’s names, stance, strengths, and weaknesses we can ensure progress for all individuals. By running as a Membership gym, we know that all members have experience in holding pads and, can practice the fundamentals to boxing – this way we can build a community and encourage camaraderie that is essential to a successful boxing facility.

Boxing Skills

Covers footwork drills, head movement, punching combinations and defence techniques together with a tough boxing conditioning finisher to ensure fitness progresses alongside the boxing.

Boxing Blitz

A bag work and conditioning class designed to increase endurance and hone your skills.

Beginners Sparring

Is an introduction to sparring which focuses on transferring those newfound boxing skills into the ring. Everyone starts by strengthening defence skills followed by introducing and establishing an effective jab and gradually developing combinations and angles of attack.

Advanced Sparring

Focuses on controlled sparring, enhancing an individual’s strengths and developing areas needing improvement. Individuals are paired according to weight. These classes take place in the boxing ring with a coach cornering the fighters. This class is for those who have taken part in a Fight Camp with us.

Advanced Technique

Aimed at members who want to hone in on their skills and cement the fundamentals of boxing. The class will be slower paced than a traditional skills class and will not carry the same element ‘fun’ or ‘intensity’ or contain those killer circuits. The focus will be on repetition of movement to ensure that footwork, shape, combination punching and defence are technically sound.

Strength and Power for Boxing

The aim is to develop overall strength and ultimately punch power. Being a powerful boxer requires strength throughout the entire body, so dedicating time to squats, lunges, deadlifts, rows, pull-ups, and core training is paramount. You’ll use the weight racks; resistance machines; cable machine; free weights; kettlebells and other equipment too.

Boxing Conditioning

These classes are designed to increase explosive power and stamina whilst improving body composition in losing fat and toning the body. Classes differ each week utilising all the fantastic equipment to challenge and push everyone. Enjoy our conditioning track with a prowler; suspension trainers; slam balls; slam wall; sled; tyre; climbing rope; battle ropes; gym hoops; ab rollers; step boxes; resistance bands; sprint bands; free weights; kettlebells; air bike; concept rower; curve running machine; ski urg and much more.

Yoga for Boxing

Led by our yoga instructor who will give you the tools to stretch and relax focusing on those muscles and movement patterns that you utilise in boxing.

Red Zone Training

Meet the Red Zone with these high intensity classes. Exercises will vary, but you will be pushed to work above 90% of your Maximum Heart Rate. No coasting allowed. Boxers need to be red zone dominant. During sparring and fighting, boxers need to work in the red zone with clearness, quick feet and sharp punches.

If you are carrying an injury, unwell or returning from illness, pregnant or under 3months post-partum this class is not suitable.

Ensure your Uptivo Belt  is up and running, and your information is on the screen before class.

Only attend between 1 – 2 Red Zone classes a week.

£70 Per Month / £780 Per Year

Port O' Leith Boxing Club

Great place to train. Friendly professional coaches, a wide range of classes and class times and a welcoming community. I joined in April 2022 and usually get along 3-4 times a week – I’m a lot fitter than I was a year ago and not a half bad boxer now too!

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