Learn to box, see fitness rocket, and enjoy yourself in the process.


Learn to box, see fitness rocket, and enjoy yourself in the process.


This one-month course is designed for the complete beginner who not only wants to learn the skills of throwing and defending a punch but also wants to improve overall fitness.

What does the course cover?

The course covers all the basic punches including the jab, cross, hook, upper-cuts, and body shots. Boxing is not solely about punching. Good defence skills are another major aspect of the course. Knowing how to hold a strong guard and block a punch, or even slicker, slip and roll under a punch or be quick and smooth enough to simply move away from the punch are all skills included in the classes. Because footwork and stance are fundamental to all aspects of boxing they are introduced and consolidated throughout the course.

What does the Boxing Basics Course include?

  • 8 boxing classes that cover all fundamentals of boxing
  • 4 additional classes including strength and conditioning and yoga
  • Unlimited gym usage
  • Unbeatable community

Does it include any fitness training?

Being a fantastic boxer is a great skill. Being so outrageously fit that you can throw punches repeatedly and run rings around your opponent, is even better! Improving and developing fitness is a core element throughout the Boxing Basics Course.

Who is the course for?

This course is perfect for anyone who wants to learn a box, enjoys a challenge and is looking for a new fitness regime to become stronger, fitter and in healthier shape. Learning the new skill of hitting the bags and pads effectively and with an ever-improving technique is not only both satisfying and rewarding but also a massive stress reliever and anxiety crusher!

Can anyone join the course?

Everyone is welcome to join this course. We are well versed in modifying and adapting exercises and drills to suit all sorts of different needs – from people who have never shown any interest in exercise to successful Ironman competitors; adults who have boxed way back in the past to those keen to compete in the future; those with knee injuries from years of rugby to dancers, singers, doctors, nurses, those recovering from cancer and those dealing with personal traumas. The aim for some members is to compete in the future and for others to improve fitness and lose weight.

Will I meet new people?

Joining the Boxing Basics Course is a great way of meeting people and enjoying the boxing and fitness journey together. A diverse range of people of all ages, predominantly from Edinburgh, join these classes. Most people who complete the course sign up to become a Member of Port O’ Leith Boxing Club.

What happens once I’ve completed the course?

Once you have completed this course you are able to sign up to Port O’ Leith Boxing Club as a Member and enjoy full access to the timetable.

Costs & Bookings

Duration: 1 month

Port O' Leith Boxing Club

Started with Boxing Basics in March and continued my membership since then – a great community to be a part of!

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