As a coach I want to develop not only clients boxing technique but overall fitness and conditioning. The mental strength, focus and resilience gained from a sport as demanding as boxing are attributes that transfer over into your everyday life, and something I hope is imparted to the members through my coaching.

“I really enjoy Marcus’s attention to detail – particularly in his boxing sessions. He clearly has a wealth of knowledge about the sport and often has a more technical style which allows you to perfect the basics in interesting combos”



I started boxing in London in 2002 and had my first fight in 2004. While working in Senegal I ran a boxing club for kids and young adults and did some training in Senegalese wrestling. I moved up to Edinburgh at the start of 2022 to join John and Lily as a coach in their new gym, and to continue training and fighting.

“Rachel is absolutely fantastic, she’s a real asset to the club. She is clear in instructions, has a laugh during the class and is massively supportive whilst really pushing you”


Lily, originally from the London area, was excited to move up to Edinburgh with John in May 2020. As much as she loves London she far prefers the sea, mountains and lifestyle in Scotland.

Her background is in theatre and you’ll still find her performing when she has the time! She approaches all of her classes with motivation and good humour, and at times, very little mercy!

She represented her university in the kickboxing team and also spent time in Thailand where she became proficient in Thai boxing. Although she loved her high kicks, she switched to boxing after meeting John in 2016 and since then has enjoyed competing in and coaching boxing.

Lily specialises in coaching boxing and boxing conditioning for all abilities, from beginners to fighters. She is qualified in Personal Training; Obesity and Weight Management; Prenatal and Postnatal Exercise and Exercise Referral which covers osteoporosis, osteoarthritis, rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes types 1 and 2, lower back pain, hypertension, high cholesterol, chronic obstructive pulmonary disorder, asthma, obesity, general anxiety disorder and depression.


Learn to Box


John is originally from The Kingdom of Fife, and although the accent has softened over his 10 year spell in London, he will always be a Fifer at heart! Having run 2 successful boxing gyms in London, John felt compelled to return to north of Hadrian’s wall for a new challenge.
As a youngster, football was John’s passion. He spent hours running up and down the football field. Unfortunately the years of impact were not kind to his knees, so in 2007 he dropped his football boots and, having followed boxing all his life, climbed through the ropes into the ring. Being a strong athlete already with a good understanding of the sport, John took to boxing remarkably quickly. It is John’s clever eye for boxing, his skill, his perseverance and his good humour that make him a top boxing coach.

John has competed in many fights, bringing home a plethora of wins and titles, including the BBU Scottish and British Heavyweight Titles & Semi-Professional Heavyweight Prize Fighter at the The Clapham Grand, London.

John specialises in boxing coaching for beginners to advanced and leads on all the Sparring and Fight programmes. He has cornered hundreds of fighters, from debut through to title fights, and has guided countless boxers through successful Fight Camps.

Lily and John

Lily and John strongly believe that the sport of boxing is a first class way of achieving a healthy lifestyle. Their aim is to see boxing more accessible for everyone. Reasons and goals will vary: to improve fitness and strength, to bang the pads and bags as a stress reliever, to build confidence, to fight or to be a good boxer. All aspects of a healthy lifestyle!

Boxing is both challenging and fun at Port O’ Leith Boxing Club where John and Lily love leading the way with their new style of boxing gym and where they have created a very safe and warm atmosphere with an ethos of motivation, support and challenge.

John and Lily welcomed their little girl into the world on Boxing Day 2020, and their little boy in March 2023.

Lilly and John

What an incredible gym – such friendly staff, great set-up on equipment, plus Coach Rachel was the best!

Thanks to all the wonderful coaches I feel myself progressing past previous physical barriers in just a few months – all while having a blast! Highly recommended.

Signed up for the Boxing Basics course at the start of March and have continued my membership because I enjoyed the gym so much. All the coaches are great and put you through your paces!

Writing this review after yet another amazing class at the club. Lily, John and their team are so supportive, professional and personable.

Had an awesome boxing blitz class with Kieran (the legend)

The trainers are great. Great service. Great reception

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