“Moved to Edinburgh not so long ago and jumped into a few boxing clubs across the City – this is the best gym by a distance.

Quality of coaching varies from beginners all the way up to advanced level, with the focus from the coaches very bespoke to the class and individuals within it.

It’s incredibly smooth to book classes (all can be done online) and the schedule is varied between fitness, boxing and yoga work to cover all bases.

But what really separates this place from other gyms in general is the community – everyone is here to learn and this comes through in the everyday ethos. Really good place to be for a proper workout.”

Will lord, December 2023

“Professionalism, great service. These people really know what they’re doing. My son loves the boxing sessions at Port O Leith Boxing Club. I recommend AAAAA+++++”

Bartosz, November 2023

“What an incredible gym – such friendly staff, great set-up on equipment, plus Coach Rachel was the best!

My sister and I are from the States and were traveling thru Edinburgh. I have my first fight in November and reached out to Port O’Leith BC to see if I could train with them while in the city. They set me up with 2 PT sessions with Coach Rachel, who put me thru some heavy cardio and challenging skill drills. I loved it and it helped keep me in shape while on holiday. Communication with the gym thru Instagram was👍🏽👍🏽. If I lived in Edinburgh I would absolutely join this gym.”

Diane Santos, September 2023

“Awesome gym in a great location, coaches and staff are super friendly and knowledgeable and the classes are fun, dynamic and have helped me push my limits, improve my fitness and become more disciplined. A great place for beginners and more seasoned boxers alike.”

Faisal Al-ghita August 2023

2Brilliant coaches, classes and people. Would highly recommend to anyone looking to improve their fitness and join a community. I always look forward to going here.”

Caitlin Richie, July 2023

“Great place to train. Friendly professional coaches, a wide range of classes and class times and a welcoming community. I joined in April 2022 and usually get along 3-4 times a week – I’m a lot fitter than I was a year ago and not a half bad boxer now too!”

Tony Macpherson, June 2023

“After years of bouncing around between gyms and trying different programmes, I am so happy to have landed here at Port O’Leith. It’s an incredibly inclusive space that caters to people of all ages. Safety is paramount to the team, which I really appreciate! Thanks to all the wonderful coaches I feel myself progressing past previous physical barriers in just a few months – all while having a blast! Highly recommended.”

Julia, February 2023

“Signed up in April 2022 having never done any boxing before. Trainers are great, classes are varied, and everyone is really friendly. If you’ve not boxed before or just want to get fit, this is the place to go.”

Michael, February 2023

“I look forward to training!!! Port O’ Leith is an amazing boxing club and community. I’ve been training there since September, and I am fitter, stronger and healthier. I trained with all the coaches and they are all very professional, capable and they push everyone to the limit- with a watchful eye to make sure no one gets injured. It’s also very inclusive with classes for juniors, general, old age, menopause, post-natal and even boxing with Parkinson’s. I can confidently highly recommend joining Port O’ Leith boxing club, regardless of boxing or fitness level.”

Yasmeen, January 2023

“Been a member since completing the boxing basics class in June, and wow my fitness levels are the best they have ever been, such a supportive caring community of people. Couldn’t recommend the club and everyone there enough”

Josie, January 2023

“Love this place! Brilliant for de-stessing and getting fit. Significantly fitter than when I joined. Great coaches and members. Can’t recommend enough!”

Marie, January 2023

“Definitely the best boxing gym in Edinburgh! The classes are fantastic, the equipment is top quality and the whole Port O’ Leith community is so welcoming. If you’re thinking about giving boxing a try this is the place to do it”

Ali, January 2023

“Had an awesome boxing blitz class with Kieran (the legend). First time since joining in May that I actually thought I was going to bring up my breakfast. Told him this and he was gutted that I didn’t. Thanks for a great class, dude. Maybe next time! I would just like to add on that when you arrive during the day you will be welcomed by another legend by the name of Tino. He is part of the management team and is always welcoming to all the members. Tino is the “go to guy”. He is friendly and very knowledgeable about the gym and events coming up. Tino was the legend that when I was punching the bag on my own asked if I fancied doing some pad work. If you have any questions, he is the man!!”

Brendan, November 2022

“I am new to boxing and was in Edinburgh for a short window hoping to find a place to work out. Found Port O’ Leith online and emailed them. Tino and Winse were super responsive and quickly worked with me to schedule a couple of day/times to workout. I got to work with Marcus who is a great guy with strong experience in technique and training. He made the workouts fun, adjusted them to my experience level and offered some great tips that really helped! They have a great training set up and great folks. I highly recommend for local or out of town people of any experience level looking to work out, meet quality people and get better. Enjoy.”

Kevin, October 2022

“Stellar Boxing Blitz class today. Kieran pushed the Burpees and made the class super tough. The afternoon classes are so handy when you work shifts and can’t always make the evening classes. Top job Kieran”

Brendan, October 2022

“A great Strength and Power class with the Gaffer. As always John is very knowledgeable and kind with his advice. Gives you the confidence to push yourself that little bit extra. Nice one John”

Brendan, October 2022

“Love the gym, love the people, love the points”

Fletch, October 2022

“Loving the smoothies!! Just what you need after an amazing session!!”

Belén, October 2022

“Delicious smoothies”

Fletch, October 2022

“First night was brilliant. I’m a complete beginner and pretty out of shape but I was made to feel very comfortable, and everyone was super encouraging. It’s the first time I’ve really enjoyed a fitness class (or felt comfortable in a gym.) I’m really excited about going back and getting stuck in”

Bonny, October 2022

“The staff are amazing, very supportive and friendly. The classes are very well run and established, there’s always something different going on; it’s never the same which makes it fun and keeps it interesting. The facilities are fantastic. I have nothing but nice things to say about every single member who attends the gym also, it really is its own community.”

Bobby, September 2022

“This is by far the best boxing gym in Edinburgh. The venue is super clean, tidy, organised and pleasing to the eyes. In comparison to many other gyms, you may find that you feel like Floyd Mayweather walking through the front doors. Thank you, John and Lily, for the club that you have both built for this local community. I simply cannot get enough of it, God bless team Portie!”

Bobby, September 2022

“Outstanding facilities, coupled with excellent coaching staff and a friendly environment make this a must for those who want to train hard, train well and train safe in a cool venue.
Lily and John and their team have a created something very special here. PERSEVERE!”

Kevin, August 2022

“I have completed the one-month boxing basics course and I couldn’t be more delighted. Needless to say, I will continue training, having fun and learning the sweet science in such sweet place.”

Ruben, July 2022

“This gym is a dream come true: there are different types of classes -including Yoga-, and all of them are very well structured; the facilities are spacious and spotlessly clean; and all the coaches are patient, professional and passionate. On top of that, having the opportunity to have a beverage or a protein shake before training and take a shower after working up a sweat is simply something I didn’t expect to find in a boxing gym.”

Ruben, July 2022

“Highly recommend! Lovely, friendly, encouraging coaches running challenging, fun classes. Super clean, spacious gym. Started with Boxing Basics in March and continued my membership since then – a great community to be a part of!”

Carly, July 2022

“What a place! If you’re looking for a great workout with top notch facilities and passionate staff in a friendly, welcoming environment then look no further. The effort every member of the team puts into every session, from front desk to the owners, really speaks to the passion for the sport, for fitness, and for community that this place embodies. Workouts that make you sweat AND put a smile on your face. Don’t hesitate to give Port O’ Leith Boxing a try… you’ll be back!”

Richard, July 2022

“Amazing place to go to if you want to improve your fitness and learn how to box. Very friendly atmosphere, great coaches, nice gym with good choice of new equipment. Lots of different classes to go to at different times.”

Michal, July 2022

“Aside from the normal boxing classes you’d expect, you’ll find the wee boys and girls in juniors, the new mums with the bairns in the crèche, the ladies of a ‘certain age’ with the hot flushes-sharp punches, the punching for Parkinson’s and the old age punchers – couldn’t think of more inclusive & welcoming space. Lily, John and all the fantastic team have brought boxing to masses – brilliant work outs, big punches but even bigger smiles.”

Vicky, July 2022

“Since doing the Boxing Basics course I couldn’t ask for more from Port O’Leith. They have built an amazing, supportive community and I’ve really noticed my skills and fitness improving steadily. Highly recommended!”

Angus, July 2022

“Brilliant gym, a real community feel, very friendly, I have had great results since starting and my fitness has really improved by going to the classes. If you want to improve your fitness and learn how to box, try this gym, best gym in Edinburgh”

Dave, July 2022

“Friendly well-equipped gym, good range of different classes and free use of equipment for members. Great place for all levels, beginners to fighters. Recommended”

Rachel, July 2022

“Great place. Friendly and inclusive. The trainers are very patient.”

Stacey, June 2022

“The Team is fantastic, every single one. Classes are dynamic and great workouts.
There are lots of different classes that you can attend, I’m only doing skills at the moment because of childcare but hoping to “spice it up” during the summer.
Always really good atmosphere and a great laugh, although they make us work hard, Lilly and John have no mercy. 100% recommend it!”

Ana, June 2022

“I started with the basics class, which was amazing! Everyone is so friendly, even if you just started you don’t feel left out. There is always someone to chat with or ask for help with movements, exercises. Even when I’m not in a good mood I know I’m going to feel myself better if I go there. Also I made so many friends as an introvert it an achievement unlocked.”
Anita, June 2022

“My daughter has been attending the Port of Leith junior boxing classes twice a week and it is definitely her favourite sporting activity of all time!! Even if she is shattered after school, she always wants to go. I don’t think she has missed a class yet!! She is in the 10-14 age group taught by Rachel, who is just lovely, and works them hard whilst making it lots of fun!! She has also been taught by Marcus, and John the owner….both also just fantastic personalities! The kids do a mixture of skills, bag work and they also get in the ring, it’s still non-contact at this age. They have also just started a Saturday class for the Juniors with Marcus, so no doubt we will be doing that soon too! There is a nice seating area and cafe right next to the ring/training area, so parents can stay and watch if they choose to! Highly recommend, this has been so good for my girl! The adult boxing also looks great, lots of hard work, but lots of smiles and laughs!”

Sofia, June 2022

“Great place and amazing, very nice team. full professionalism. I recommend and thank you very much!”

Adam, June 2022

“I wanted to box when I was younger but always felt a bit intimidated by boxing clubs and never dared to start. This is where the Port O’ Leith boxing club is so fundamentally different. I am five months in now and I can with all honesty say that it is such a welcoming and encouraging environment, that acknowledges you as an individual and respects that everyone has their own journey. You always feel welcome here! The coaches have been a fantastic support. Their encouragement and note of your personal progress (even in a big class) is fantastic. Joining this boxing club has done so much for my confidence, my health (both physical and mental) and overall fitness. I can’t stress the benefits enough. Regardless of where you are in life, or in your fitness journey, this club has a class for you. If you need a change (and you’re tired of going for lonely runs in the park like me) this is the club to join!!”

Jennie, June 2022

“Great Gym with a great atmosphere. The instructors make you feel at home from day one as well as pushing you to get the best you can be!”

Cici, June 2022

“Joined the post-natal punchers back in February after having an all clear at my 6 weeks postnatal check-up. I was glad to find a boxing class offering babysitting service. Having had PGP during pregnancy and not being able to do any sorts of exercise or even routine daily tasks I was really looking forward to strengthening my body. I started with gentle, modified movements that suited my fitness level. Lily made sure to push me a little further as I progressed but making sure of me not hurting myself in the process. She’s a trainer who’s knowledgeable, awesome and fun to be around. 5 months into my training I feel stronger, more flexible and ready to level up.”

Ildiko, June 2022

“Don’t know why it’s taken me so long to do one of your classes, Lily – but today was the day and I thoroughly enjoyed it, thank you! I won’t leave it so long next time. “

James, June 2022

“I have been with the club for around 5 months now and cannot imagine giving it up now.
I have always been a bit apprehensive about going to the gym and my family all laughed at me when I told them I was thinking of taking up boxing, but I wanted to push myself out of my comfort zone – I have no regrets! Working from home is pretty boring, so it is great to meet and chat to the regulars in the morning and evening classes. Lily, John and the other coaches are all super friendly and all the front of house team are a good laugh and make the effort to say hi to you…plus they make good coffee.”

Peter, June 2022

“Joined in April for the Basics class and really enjoyed learning the moves and getting into an exercise routine. Have continued with Level 1 and mixing it up with the blitz and conditioning classes. The club has created an amazing welcoming community with their trainers, FOH staff and the members – cannot speak highly enough about the place!”

Shirley, June 2022

“I was apprehensive about trying boxing as I held all the prejudices about the stereotypical “boxing gym”. Whatever your fears, don’t be afraid! The people are friendly and encouraging and they work you hard! The gym looks modern and smart. I am 42 and have just started. I used to be a good runner but now I am a terrible runner and that depresses me. At 42 and 3 weeks after starting at Port O Leith Boxing, I am the best at boxing I have ever been in my life and that motivates me! I am really glad I gave it a try and I encourage you to try to it too!”

Steven, June 2022

“Did the beginners course in May and have continued since. Really enjoyed learning new skills, getting fitter and the welcoming vibes”
Johnny, June 2022

“Just finished my 2nd boxing basics class last night. I have never boxed in my life or even stepped into a boxing club before so I was pretty nervous. However, since meeting the staff who are all really friendly and kind, I have enjoyed every moment. John is just great as a coach. He made me feel very relaxed with his genuine personality. Having said that he runs a physically intense class that gets the heart rate going. The other members of the group are super friendly, and you are left with a feeling of team work. This is a gym where you are expected to put the work in which is a great motivator. I truly cannot wait until the next session. I have tried loads of other gyms before and quickly got bored of them. This place will get you fit quick, make you feel inclusive and do wonders for your confidence. I would recommend it to anyone. I am 50 years old so don’t let age hold you back.”

Brendan, May 2022

“Signed up for the Boxing Basics course at the start of March and have continued my membership because I enjoyed the gym so much. All the coaches are great and put you through your paces! The environment is very positive, welcoming and I have met new, friendly people. Would encourage anyone and everyone to join!”

Josh, May 2022

“I decided to join Boxing Basics course a couple months ago and loved it since day one! After that first month I had no doubt I wanted to continue my membership.
All the staff and coaches are extremely friendly and talented. They provide fun, dynamic and very welcoming classes. I would encourage everyone to try it and join the community!”

Meritxell, May 2022

“Excellent smoothies”

Ali, May 2022

“Brilliant boxing club. Really great, fun people!”

Ali, May 2022

“Writing this review after yet another amazing class at the club. Lily, John and their team are so supportive, professional and personable. The classes are challenging, and you are pushed to give your max but in a very encouraging way. As a result, you always feel great afterwards. Boxing has done so much for me both physically and mentally. No matter your level or personal ambitions, Port O’ Leith Boxing Club’s staff truly make you feel like you belong there! I just love it”

Charlene, May 2022

“Can’t recommend Port O’ Leith enough. All the staff and members are so friendly, welcoming and great at encouraging each other. The coaches are brilliant at pushing you but still making all the classes fun so you want to keep coming back. I have an injury at the moment and Lily has been amazing at adapting some of the exercises for me so I can still join in. If you’re thinking about giving boxing a go, this is definitely the place to try it!”

Ali, May 2022

“I went to the Hot Flushes, Sharp Punches class last night, which was my first time at Port o’ Leith Boxing Club. What a genius, inclusive idea! And a lovely bunch of friendly women to train with too. Rachel the coach had exactly the right level of energy and enthusiasm for the class too. She was knowledgeable and skilful whilst remaining friendly and approachable, and most of all fun. That can be a really hard balance to strike whilst teaching. I had a great time even though I am absolutely exhausted this morning and am struggling to get up and down stairs at work, I’ve booked for next week already!”

Avril, May 2022

“After watching Rocky IV, I knew that in the absence of an 80s montage, I would have to join a boxing gym to become an elite fighting machine. While I have some way to go, Port O’Leith has been fantastic in helping me learn the basics in a really friendly and welcoming environment (except stern looks when slacking between sets. Apparently slacking isn’t cool in boxing). Strongly recommended for anyone looking to give boxing a try at any level.”

Chris, May 2022

“Excellent coaches, a great space, and a really friendly & welcoming community. I really enjoy the classes and learn something new every time I’m there.”

J.B, May 2022

“Cannot recommend highly enough! They have changed my son’s life! His confidence has increased, his physical fitness is soaring, and he is happy again. Lily promised me before they opened that they wanted to help……and they were true to their word. Thank you!!!!! Friendly people, very welcoming, positive energy through and through. Cannot rate them highly enough.”

Katina, April 2022

“The trainers are great. Great service. Great reception”

Stephen, April 2022

“Fantastic setup, thoroughly enjoying the classes from John and Lilly, would encourage you to pop along and try it out. To quote John “….you’ll soon shift that extra timber if you keep up the work…” he certainly runs a great and motivating class!

Steve, April 2022

“Absolutely brilliant and huge space, for all ages and abilities! The kids boxing coaching sessions are amazing, the coaches work them hard, but in a really fun and enjoyable way! My daughter loved her first session and was keen to get back for her second session of the week. The staff are friendly and kind, and helpful when it comes to any questions you may have. Highly recommend this club! Just what the area needed!”

Nina, February 2022

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